Mario and Xbox pointing to the Future

It is not a hoax this time. This is not Mew in Pokémon Red or Big Foot in San Andreas, this one is for real. Mario on Xbox. Yes that Mario. A video has been released of game footage showing someone playing what looks like super Mario bros on the Xbox One. It even has the classic Mario music and goombas.

The future

So what does this signal? It is obviously not an official release that will be endorsed by either company but it does point towards a potential future of consoles. As anyone who knows gaming knows PC has always been superior to consoles. Part has been the greater freedom for modding and fan made content. Until you have killed a fire emitting Thomas the Tank Engine in the province of Skyrim can you really claim to be the Dragonborn? These kind of changes flourish on PC and it is also far more accessible to indie games. Consoles have for far too long slid down the big budget game slope. But how many more busts like ‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘Destiny’ will people put up with. These kind of low budget fan made content could be the answer.

Xbox One

This is what sets Xbox One apart from counterparts. Its compatibility with Windows makes it the easiest console to make fan made content for. This creates potentially an infinite catalogue of content that could only be available to owners of Xbox Ones.

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