Introduction about Motupatlu

We are all aware of the two funniest cartoon characters Motu Patlu, as they are the famous characters in the Indian kids’ world. But there are some hidden people who have no idea about the two popular Indian characters. You can read this article to know about them.

Description of the two cartoons

MotuPatlu is an Indian animated comedy series for kids aired on nickelodeon and Vasantham channels in India. The series isabout two friends Motu and patlu who live in furfuri nagar. The two characters initially land into hilarious situations but eventually are able to rescue themselves in funny and entertaining way. Mainly in the story Motu always creates problems and patlu tries to solve it smartly.

Motu– He is a fatty, warm and friendly person who acts as a central character of the story. He mostly dresses up in yellow pyjamas, a red tunic with a navy blue vest and black shoes. His favorite food is samosa which gives him power to come out of every difficult situation. Mostly he is the one who lands into trouble and finds no way to come out of it. The only person that can free him fromall the unwanted troubles of his life is his best friend is Patlu.

Patlu– One of the show’s prime character, patlu is a thin slim man who is believed to be the The smartest guy in Furfuri nagar. He wears black framed glasses, a yellow tunic matched with orange leggings and brown shoes. He is the best friend of Motu and always rescues his friend from the trouble that follows them.

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