Fifa 17 – does not start: error causes and solution aids

The demo of the soccer simulator FIFA 17 hack has been available for some time and problems arise. Either the demo can not be started or other error messages may appear. Even with the full version of Fifa 17 , for the platforms PS4 and PC, there are already first problems, since the official release on 29.09.2016. In this guide, we have put together a few solutions, in case the Fifa does not want to start or crashes or “freezes” in the middle of the game.
This guide will be updated as soon as further Fifa 17 issues become known. For the PC version and the console versions.

Many Playstation players are currently reporting on installation problems on the PS4 , the connection problems between consoles and routers of “Kabel Deutschland – customers”, were fortunately remedied. Also with PC players, there are first problems with the regular full version of Fifa 17.

In this article, we will provide you with the necessary information to deal with these error messages and we will explain to you what you need to do if Fifa 17 does not start , referring to the demo and full version of Fifa 17. Then you can In Fifa 17 and get a first glimpse of the new features in career mode, as well as the new “Story Mode – The Journey” awaits you.

Fifa 17 – does not start: PS4 – error during installation

Update 04.10.16:

After you have completed the installation of 600 MB on your Playstation 4, the game works perfectly. But there are problems when you start the game during the download, this possibility exists. Theoretically, you can start a game immediately, but it can lead to unpleasant installation crashes and the installation depends . In this case you should wait for some time, if no improvement of the situation occurs, then it can help, if you renew your Internet connection and if all the knapses tear, then only a restart of the Playstation 4 and a restart of the router.

Fifa 17 is a very popular game and due to the high demand it can lead to server overloads . This is a known problem, but the installation crashes can be traced back to the download.
PC problems: The game hangs on – what to do?

Update 04.10.16:

On the PC, Fifa 17 may occasionally freeze in the charging screen and hang up completely. Unfortunately, the game sometimes hangs up when you have been playing for a while. It may also happen that the start process is aborted and the game does not start at all. On the PC, these errors are often due to outdated graphics drivers. You will then find links to the support portals of the graphics manufacturers “AMD and Nividia” , with all necessary drivers for different PC devices.

Download driver:

AMD driver download
Nividia Driver – Download
Fifa 17 – Demo does not start: What can you do?

Note – Update 04.10.16: The use of the restricted online function is again possible . Reports of existing error messages were faulty, nevertheless we can not find where the cause of the error was. Important : The problem has been resolved, ie the communication between the device protocols is working again. Probably, updates to routers and the Playstation 4 have solved the problem , neither Sony nor the “Unity Media Group” have published this information!

The problem on the Playstation 4 is rooted in the new firmware update 4.0 , this update causes compatibility problems with PSN and Fifa 17 .

The problem lies with Kabel Deutschland and the routers of the Unity Media Group . Their routers can not communicate properly with the console after the Playstation firmware update .

The device protocols Ipv4 and Ipv6 can no longer communicate with each other and Fifa 17 does not start.
Many Playstation owners could therefore not connect to the Internet and of course not to PSN. In routers there are certain methods which control the communication with connected devices. In the case of the PS4, the NAT type (Network Address Translation type) could not be detected, therefore no constant Internet connection could be established and therefore Fifa 17 does not start on the PS4.

The PS4 can be connected to the Internet via a configured router and you can gamble online. In the case of incorrectly configured routers , a firewall often causes problems because this PSN blocks.

These problems also cause the license to expire .
You can in problem cases change the NAT type itself , unfortunately it is not so simple, the start-problem with Fifa to get 17 in the handle, because particularly the firmware update 4.0 also provides problems. Actually, the whole router needs to be reconfigured . The problem is that the NAT types are no longer recognized. Unfortunately, there is currently no easy solution to the problem, especially since it was synonymous earlier with the routers of the Unity Media Group such problems.

Solution for compatibility problems of Ipv4 and Ipv6 protocols

You should not hope that Kabel Deutschland and Sony quickly present a solution. You can become active and methodically eliminate one problem after another.

Renew first the Internet connection .
Then log on to PSN and then back on! Finally, you can restore the licenses .
Unfortunately the problem in this way is only repaired at short notice and the problem can reappear. If we can present a permanent solution for you, we will update the article.

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