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As a rule, the military would like to reemploy personnel who have been in its military prior service; there is a preference for personnel who are currently in service to reenlist. Therefore is such a person who has served previously wants to reenlist, there is a quite often a year long waiting period to reenlist.

For a prior service individual to be able to reenlist there is a need to do a lot of leg work for record and documents. You would also have to find a recruiter who is willing to work with you. A job search for a person who has served previously will then require clearance in terms of their DD form 214 or their record of discharge at the time of separation so that there are no bars to their reenlistment. Therefore if a prior service personnel’s reenlistment eligibility code is 1 there are no bars. In the event however, it is 2 for the airforce, that person is ineligible to reenlist in the airforce, however he or she may be eligible for another service. Most marines may reenlist at the grade held at the time of separation.

If you are doing a Job search for a situation involving managerial or supervisory opportunities or even entry level non supervisory positions, chances are you may be considering the Navy exchange
for job opportunities. The Navy Exchange System has its headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA and it is a $2 billion plus retail division of the U.S. Navy. It operates over 100 shopping complexes and 42 Navy Lodges around the world. The exchange employs 16,000 civilian associates and offers a remuneration and benefits package that includes medical/dental/life insurance, retirement, a 401K plan, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave etc.

Military pay in general includes the components of base pay, average housing allowance, monetary food allowance, and the benefit of untaxed allowances. Military pay for the year 2004 included a 4.1% average increment for all military personnel. The various allowances include dislocation allowance when personnel have to relocate their families and households to different locations and involuntary separation pay. Marines and navy personnel who serve aboard submarines are eligible for submarine duty pay.

Remuneration for most navy reserve personnel is part-time pay since their work is also of a part-time nature. This is called drill pay. Navy reserve personnel are however entitled to certain life insurance, medical and re-employment rights.

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