We always recommend body building supplements which have niacin since they are also good in reduction on the level of body cholesterol. This is because they work in preventing all fatty acids from getting into the body as well as suppressing development of body fats. Additionally Niacin is widely used in stimulating Human growth hormone (GH) this is hormone which is vital to everyone and it is even better when used by athletes and body builders. It works by boosting muscle growth, bones and all body organs plus rehabilitation of injured tissues. The body pituitary glands also produce the hormone GH and this hormone is considered to diminish while we get older. Therefore we need to supplement it, Niacin supplements are the best choice this season If you want to increase your body mass, click the link provided. There are lots of body building products and you may pick the one that matches your body needs.

Niacin factors

Niacin can also be referred to as vitamin B3 and it is associated with thiamine and vitamin B1, B2 or Riboflavin. All the above mentioned minerals and vitamins increase carbohydrates metabolism. The major function of niacin is to release body energy and most of its derivatives aid in body Detox since it largely produces steroid hormones and ensures repair of DNA. Niacin is mostly used in treatment of pellagra, a disease whose symptoms involve skin lesions as well as extreme nervousness and gastrointestinal issues. Apart from making body building supplements it is also widely used in treating hyperlipidemia since it works by lowering the levels of lipoproteins which is also known as bad cholesterol. When we take the treatment we improve on the level of good cholesterol, the HDL. Many patients who have cardiovascular problems are also prescribed products which contain niacin.

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